Male Waxing Services

Keep that unwanted body hair away for a long time. See your skin glow while feeling smooth, fresh and clean.

Precision and Comfort: Bespoke Waxing Experience

Experience a safe and effective waxing, banishing unwanted body hair for an enduring glow. Witness your skin illuminate as you revel in the sensations of smoothness, freshness, and cleanliness. At Unique Beauty & Style, we redefine the art of waxing, ensuring a secure and lasting solution. Unleash the beauty of your skin, feeling confidently smooth for an extended period. Indulge in a waxing experience that goes beyond the ordinary, where your radiance becomes a lasting masterpiece.



15 min


10 min

Chest and Stomach

25 min


10 min


15 min

Full Arms

25 min

Full Back

30 min

Full Leg

45 min

Half Arms

15 min

Half Leg

25 min


5 min

Manzilian + Rectal

45 min


10 min


10 min

Unique Beauty & Style. The home of the best Hair And Makeup Perth.

Since 2018, Unique Beauty & Style is a one-stop hair & beauty salon, adorning the people of Perth with the best Brazil has to offer, with classic cuts for natural hair, nail treatments, facial treatments, body treatments, and much more. Similarly to a traditional Brazilian beauty salon, our vision and business model centres around providing a wide range of services and treatments, all in one place, so each and every one of our clients can walk out the door feeling pampered and Unique…


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We offer services for women so they can feel comfortable and well cared for at this gem of a place. The #1 Beauty Salon Perth.

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Taking care of your hair & beauty is not an expense, It’s an investment in self-esteem.

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