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Your Guide to Getting Full Head Highlights

So, you’ve decided it’s time to switch up the everyday look of your hair—and you’ve opted highlights are the best way to go. But you’re not sure if you should go with half head highlights or full head highlights. No worries, we’ve got you covered!

In this blog, we’ll cover everything from what highlights are to how you should be maintaining them to ensure they look good and remain healthy.

What are the highlights?

Highlights are strategically placed pieces of color lighter than your natural hair color. The process uses bleach to isolate areas where you want the brightness working with your natural hair color.

The most popular technique of foiling. When you section out pieces you’d like highlighted, add the foil along with the bleach—enough to saturate the hair—then let it sit. After that, you will get it washed out and styled.

What are partial highlights?

Partial highlights are only placed in sporadic approved sections of your hair to give off a bright face-framing look, and they’re ideal for women or men looking for a more natural look. Partial highlight also happens to be a fantastic way to introduce your hair to color.

What are full highlights?

The full highlight process involves highlighting every section of your head, and it could involve slightly lightening your hair or going darker for something more dramatic and bold.

hair highlights
Highlights are strategically placed pieces of color lighter than your natural hair color

Benefits of full head highlights

Amazing for fine hair

Your hair will look more textured and dimensional with full highlights.


Your hair will look amazing on an array of styles of your choosing—for example, the classic half-up, half-down.

An array of options

You can go for something more subtle or select something with more of a bold statement.

Benefits of half head highlights

Very inexpensive

They will typically cost you less than getting a full highlight service when getting partial highlights. “Most partials will be about $100 less than fulls on average,” says Byrdie.

More natural-looking

You are only highlighting a few sections of your hair with partial highlights here and there. Because of this, your hair will experience less damage.

Less damage to your hair

With only certain sections of your hair highlighted, you will be able to see your natural hair color.

Low maintenance

In comparison to full highlights, partial highlights do not expose the new growth in your hair. You can stretch the time you wait to go back for touch-ups.

full head highlights
full head highlights

Cons of half head highlights

Tough visibility of highlights

It may be more challenging to see the color when you wear your hair up when getting partial highlights.

How to maintain highlighted hair

So you’ve decided to get your hair highlighted, whether it is partial or full. Here are some tips on how to take care of it to ensure it remains healthy and looks beautiful.

Keep up with touch-ups

New growth—grown-out roots—can totally throw off the look of your hair. Be sure to book follow-up appointments with your hairstylist to keep your highlights looking good.

Keep it brass-free

Highlighted hair can become brassy over time, especially if your hair was darker prior to getting your highlights. If you begin to notice a yellow and orange tone trying to make an appearance be sure to contact your stylist so they can take care of it. Or you can take care of it yourself by using purple shampoo and conditioner to give your hair what it needs.

Keep it smooth and shiny

It is essential to be very kind to your hair when you get highlights afterward. Take time to give your hair some self-care by doing things like washing it when necessary and giving it the proper oils.


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