Should You Get An Eyebrow Tattoo? Find Out Here!

An Eyebrow Tattoo huh? Do you remember the plucked eyebrow trend from the 90s? Having a thin line of hair over your eyes was the thing back then. Well, those days are gone. Right now, everyone loves thick, luxuriant, and perfectly shaped brows.

That is nice and all, but what about people who plucked their brows to oblivion back then? And those with naturally scanty eyebrows definitely can’t get in on this trend. What can they do?

Well, there are many techniques to make your eyebrows appear fuller. But we’re going to talk about getting Feather Touch Tattoos, a type of Eyebrow Tattoo. We’ll help you decide whether you should go for them or find alternatives.

What Is A Feather Touch Eyebrow Tattoo?

A Feather Touch Eyebrow Tattoo is delivered through a system called microblading or brow-feathering. Microblading refers to using a delicate instrument with many tiny needles to apply color to the skin’s outer layer that mimics hair.

It sounds like a lot of work, but it isn’t. And at the end of it all, you get ink that looks like natural hair on your eyebrows. The color fades after a year or two, but you’ll have the perfect brows during that period.

The process is painless, as a numbing cream is applied to the area beforehand. And compared to standard eyebrow tattoos, this effect is a lot more natural.

What Are The Pros Of Feather Touch Tattoos?

Everyone and their cousin is getting Feather Touch Tattoos, and there have to be some reasons why. Well, these are why you should go for them.

1. Semi-permanent Tattoo

The daily stress of drawing your thick eyebrows is a hassle for everyone. You’d want to rush off somewhere, but you’ll have to take the time to paint those brows on.

With these tattoos, however, you can kiss that stress goodbye. After your procedure, you can rest assured that your brows are perfect for the next few years.

You could still pimp it up if you want, try out different colors and the like. But when the makeup comes off, your brows remain perfect.

2. Painless

Unlike regular tattoos, microblading is painless. It is mildly invasive, as only the topmost layer of your skin is pierced. So, you can expect a smooth procedure.

However, depending on your body, you might feel a bit of pain even after the numbing. But it will be very mild and not a problem at all.

3. Natural-looking

Few alternatives can give you a look as natural as microblading. Feather Touch Tattoos look just like the real thing. And unless someone touches your brows, they won’t suspect anything.

Eyebrow Tattoos are usually blocky. But with the delicate application of this method, you can get a truly remarkable result.

A Feather Touch Eyebrow Tattoo is delivered through microblading or brow-feathering. You get ink that looks like natural hair on your eyebrows.

Any Cons or Side Effects?

Brow-feathering seems like the best thing since makeup brushes, but it can’t all be roses. Here are some disadvantages and complications that might occur from microblading.

1. It Isn’t A One-time Thing

Eyebrow Tattoos are permanent. Once you get one, it’s done. But microblading follows a different route.

You would need two sessions to draw your brows for the perfect results. The first one does the heavy lifting, like figuring out the shape and size of the brow. The second complete it.

2. Semi-permanence

One thing to realize is that thick eyebrows are just trending right now. And one thing with trends is that they move on.

You’ll still have your Feather Touch Tattoos over your eyes when this one does. And you can’t change that till the ink wears off.

3. Infections

Your eyebrow artist will give you some safety precautions to follow when done with the procedure. You have to follow them closely because there is a lot at stake.

For the first week after a tattoo, that area is basically an open injury— microbladed eyebrows included. Infections can get into those places.

These occurrences are rare and can be prevented by following the artist’s instructions.

The thick eyebrows are trending right now.

We have gone through some of the pros and cons of brow-feathering, but you should still consult a specialist before making your choice.

Microblading is an easy and harmless procedure that you should consider getting. Your eyebrows might need them.


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